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"Ratley, The Story of a Warwickshire Parish" ...COPIES STILL AVAILABLE...

please contact Dan Batchelor at "Valleys End", Chapel Lane, 01295 670 280, danandedith@live.co.uk


Ratley and Upton are villages which nestle in the valleys which slope down to the east away from the Edge Hill escarpment. Some visitors, who have lived for many years only just beyond the River Dene*, have been very pleasantly surprised when they came for lunch in the Rose and Crown. They'd always thought it was "windswept marshes beyond the craggy Edge".

*The Dene runs through Kineton, Wellesbourne, Charlecote ....

Camp Lane takes its name from Nadbury Camp and refers to the section of the B4086 which runs from the top of the Knowle to the junction with the B4100, at the top of Warmington Hill

Grid references

To find your own grid reference, or that of, for example, a pothole, try http://gridreferencefinder.com/#

This site also shows a good aerial view of the relevant area.

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For info on 2011 parish archaeological findings try

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-coventry-warwickshire-15837458 (still active 6/3/2014)

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