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Ratley & Upton Parish Council

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Parish Noticeboard

Downloadable Documents here contain some of the notices posted on parish noticeboards.

Latest Notices (21st May 2021)

  • The results of the county and PCC elections held in May are available as attached notices on this page
  • Various planning consent documents for repairs to St Peter ad Vincula are attached to this page

  • There are details of the Mobile library service in the downloadable documents sections on the right of this page.
  • There is an image of the Parish defibrillator on this page. The defibrillator is located on the outside wall of the Village Hall in Ratley. There are full instructions for access on the casing.

Defibrillator Location

Document - Kineton%20and%20Red%20Horse%20Result.pdf

Document - PCC%20Result.pdf

Document - The%20Diocesan%20Advisory%20Committee%20Notification%20of%20Advice%202021%2005%2009.pdf

Document - Standard%20Information%20Form1England2020%202021%2005%2009.pdf

Document - 250%20E01%20As%20Existing%20Plan%20of%20South%20Aisle%20Roof%20Ratley%20Church.pdf

Document - 250%20P02%20As%20Proposed%20Details%20Ratley%20Church%20South%20Aisle%20permanent%20repair.pdf

Document - 250%20P01%20As%20Proposed%20Plan%20of%20Part%20Ratley%20Church%20South%20Aisle%20permanent%20repair.pdf

Document - Public%20Notice%20of%20Faculty%20Application%20May%202021.pdf

Document - ApplicationSummaryReport%202021%2005%2009.pdf

Document - Petition%20ie%20actual%20application%202021%2005%2009.pdf

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